Are You Prepared for Google Chrome's "Adblocker" Update? 

Join adblock solution specialists Admiral for a moderated discussion with publishing industry experts, including representatives from the PGA Tour, Local Media Association, Investing Channel, and The Coalition For Better Ads 
as we share critical insights into this new development that’s poised to affect the future of digital advertising.

Save the date: Wednesday, February 14th at 12:00PM ET
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What We'll Cover

Join us for a deep dive into the capabilities of Chrome's ad-filter, and explore its impact on publishers, users, and advertisers worldwide.

>> The Coalition for Better Ads Standards, and what it means for the future of advertising .

>> Which ad formats will be blocked, what won't be?

>> The potential and immediate impact on publishing revenue.

>> How publishers and their advertising partners can prepare and navigate the new rules.

Special Guests:

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Dan Rua - Admiral

As CEO of Admiral, Dan helps publishers grow visitor relationships, protect copyrighted content and recover ad revenue. As a successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist, he has backed and built over 40 early-stage  companies.

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Chuck Curran - Coalition for Better Ads

Chuck Curran is an advisor for the Coalition for Better Ads and a partner at Venabale's eCommerce, Privacy, and Cybersecurity Group. He represents clients on a range of privacy and data protection issues, with an emphasis on online advertising and digital marketing.

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Mike McLeod - PGA Tour

Mike McLeod, Senior Manager of Digital Advertising Products and Technology at PGA Tour, oversees revenue and advertising systems for digital publishing and is responsible  for the league’s evolving portfolio of digital ad products. 

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Jed Williams - Local Media Association

Jed is the Chief Innovation Officer at the Local Media Association and leads industry-wide digital revenue and business transformation initiatives for newspapers, radio and TV broadcasters, digital publishers, and R&D partners.

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Max Rybakov - Investing Channel

Max Rybakov is the Director of Product Management at InvestingChannel, an online media network of advertising and publishing partners in financial media.